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April/May/June 2014

Palms Tai chi Club meet on Mondays from 10 to 11.30 am at the County Hotel and over the past four years many have been practising and learning Tai chi. Costs are £3 each week one attends and £5 for a sash and certificate when gained. A sister Group is held at Mablethorpe at the Station Sports centre on Fridays from 10.30 to noon where the same syllabus is taught.

The Committee has elected at the recent Annual General Meeting is Maggie Dunne Chair, Glennis Rogerson Secretary and Christine Dale Treasurer. 

Last year Glennis read about ‘Awards for All’ and wrote in to ask for some money to buy equipment. She did not hear immediately and thought there was none coming. Imagine her surprise to find that Awards for All had given the Club £1644, exactly the money asked for. The money will not be spent at once but the committee will meet soon to discuss how and what to spend it on. Proforma invoices were sent to ‘Awards for All’ who have said that the way we spend the money is up to us so we can change a little the way and amount of goods we purchase. We have purchased Bo-staffs and Covers, Fans, Swords, Ribbons, Tai chi Rulers, Hoops and Tai chi Sticks. 

Each year Palms Tai chi Club has an annual dinner at which a guest is invited and last year at Poppys Restaurant in Burgh Road, Councillor Carl Macey was the guest. He presented the Club with money to purchase Tai chi Rulers.

On June 6th Melanie Howlett, Peter Redwood and Pat Bisset are presented with their Green sashes. Gordon Walker white sash and Kathleen Wright and Maddy Ovens gained their yellow sash.

June 2nd Bob Price, Keith Meakin, Philip Watson, Julie Watson, Shelagh Price and Irene Jephcott. Keith made his own weapons of two swords, Bo-staff, Fan and the others have all completed written projects on such topics as History of Yuyuan, Views of Tai chi as seen when visiting China, a study on Chi and what it is and isn’t and Chinese Astrology.

May 23 Mablethorpe Melanie Howlett was presented with her Assistant Leaders award and she is insured to lead the club. Skegness Bob Price, Keith Meakin and Julie Watson are also assistant leaders and insured to lead the club.

May 19 Vivian Sloan and Pat Warner were presented with their Blue sashes and their Orange Fan Stripes, Philip Watson with his Blue Sword Stripe.

In April the following have been presented with the following sashes Skegness Michael Hewkin Blue and Blue Sword, Gail Grieve Orange, Christine Dale Yellow, Angela Loseby White, Janet Siddall White, Mablethorpe Kathleen Wright White, Maddy Ovens White, Melanie Howlett Orange, Peter Redwood Orange and Pat Bisset Orange.

December 2013

December 9th 2013 26 members met at Poppy's restaurant and give thanks to the Cllr Carl Macey who gave us £540 towards the purchase of equipment. We spent it on Tai chi Rulers and Ribbons. Shields were presented to Vivian Sloan who was chosen by the members as being the 'most improved student' and to Keith Meakin for the 'best attendance'. Glennis was presented with a silver salver in celebration of gaining her Second Dan.

The Palms Tai chi Club is now working under a written Constitution and the First Annual General Meeting will be held on February 10th 2014 in Skegness. Glennis was asked to take over the Mablethorpe Club and they are now happily part fo the club as a whole. Nominated are Maggie Dunne as Chair, Glennis Rogerson as Secretary and Christine Dale Treasurer. No more nominations were received and so there will be no vote at the AGM.

The following have gained sashes in Skegness during the year 2013

Bob Price - Orange Sword, Green, Blue and Purple Sashes

Christine Dale - White Sash

David Clay - White and Yellow Sash

Irene Jeffcott, Julie Watson and Keith Meakin - Orange Sword, Blue and Purple Sashes

Shelagh Price - Orange Sword, Green, Blue and Purple Sashes

Kath Allatt, Maggie Dunne and Sue Wieting, - Orange Sword and Purple Sash

Mike Hewkin - White, Yellow, Orange and Green Sashes and Orange Sword

Mo Neale and Odette Hurst - Orange Sword

Pat Warner - White, Yellow, Orange and Green Sashes

Philip Watson - Orange Sword, Orange Bo-staff, Blue and Purple Sashes

Terry Cross - White and White/Yellow Sashes

Vivian Sloan Orange and Green sash

The following have gained sashes in Mablethorpe from September to December 2013

Melanie Howlett and Peter Redwood White and Yellow Sashes

Jackie Kenney and Pat Bisset White Sash

Other news

Many are working for their Brown and Black sashes…….just a taster of the studying that is happening in our club….

Maggie's Group are learning the Numbers and Dates and other necessary words in Mandarin including Speaking as well as drawing the language.

Julies Group are studying the origins of Tai chi and looking at the geography and history of the Tai chi symbol.

Bobs Group are studying different topics, Bob is studying Chi and its uses and science behind it, Keith is making his own Swords, Bo-staff and other Equipment, Philip is writing and learning about Chinese Astronomy and Astrology.

Glennis' First and Second Dan Project was about Biomechanics, for her Third Dan [2016] she is writing about 'All acupoints and how they are used in combat, for medical purposes and what to do if hit on that point'.

15 August 2013  

We are spreading our wings and opening a branch in Mablethorpe.

From Friday 6th September at the Mablethorpe Sports Centre the Palms Tai chi Club will meet between 10.30 and Noon. The cost is £3 and the only other expenses are sashes when you have attained certain levels cost £5 each including a Certificate. If members wish to join the International Budo association this is £15 and apart from giving a Licence it also gives some insurance. Palms Club prints its own syllabus and record book which costs 75p which is essential to purchase.

Palms Tai chi Club is a real Club and is democratically run and later in the year members will be asked to elect members to represent them on the committee.  We have a Constitution and Bank account in the Palms Club name. Every member is encouraged to help others and to have fun teaching each other. 

Tai chi is absolutely OK for anyone to do disabled, able bodied, deaf or blind or if you think you are old - it makes no difference. Glennis, your leader is also disabled and able to easily change a form [exercise] to suit your needs and as you become experienced you will change the forms yourself. A form is a mixture of exercises joined together in a definite order. Glennis has qualifications as a teacher, tai chi Instructor and also in Medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor and has a PhD in Immunology.

The first meeting is on 6th September and is free. Come and meet your Leader who will explain all to you and also take into account any previous experiences you have of Tai chi.

08 August 2013

The Palms Tai chi Club meet at the County Hotel on Monday mornings from 10 to 11.30 have the following Gradings to announce.

Glennis Rogerson who leads the Club gained her Second Dan on 5 August 2013, also her Black Badge for Bo-staff and Sword. Like many others at 71, age causes many pains yet Glennis overcomes many of these by continuing to practise Tai chi. Many thanks to David Hannan 6th Dan and his wife Stephanie who is a 5th Dan for giving up their time to assist with my testing and members of the Palms Tai chi Club who also assisted, Philip Watson, Michael Hewkin, Keith Meakin and Christine Dale. Glennis also teaches aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Psychology and Counselling for very little money and doing this keeps her brain active and also helps others to gain qualifications that are fully insurance. She is secretary of Healers2006

The following gained their Purple Sashes form the left in the photo are Keith Meakin, Bob Price, Shelagh Price, Irene Jephcott, Susan Wieting [Glennis with her Second Dan Stripes] Kathryn Allatt, Julie Watson and Philip Watson - Maggie Dunne was absent. They are now preparing to take Brown Sash and per the syllabus are asked to take part in a project. These include Mandarin, Study of Chi, Chinese Astrology, Tai chi in other countries and the groups are having fun learning as well as making up new forms and practising new and old forms.

In the back row are other members including Pat Warner and Mike Hewkin who gained their Yellow Sashes.

We welcome any new members and the cost is £2 a week and Gradings £4.50.

The Club has also written up a Constitution and has opened a Bank Account in the last week so we are now a fully formed Club. The first officers, who are unelected are Chair Maggie Dunne, Christine Dale Treasurer and Glennis Rogerson Secretary. The first AGM will be held in February 2014 at which elected officers will be chosen.

The Club report is sent in by Glennis Rogerson. Contact via email for any extra information or just turn up one Monday.  We meet all the year from February to Early December.

Glennis added that she won her Second Dan exactly two years from the First Dan or Black. No waiting and no problems. Time flies and in August 2016 for the Third Dan and started my project on all the Acupoints. From Purple to Second Dan in three years is impressive. Pleased as punch and to Carry the Torch in between was great. Still taking it to places like Old People’s Homes. Their faces even if they have dementia are lovely to see.

December 2012

Palms Tai chi Club had their annual dinner at Poppys Restaurant in Burgh Road on December 10th. 30 members enjoyed their dinner during which the following members were chosen, by a members vote as being “the members who had shown the greatest improvement during the year”. Keith Meakin, Philip Watson and Christian Batey were presented with their shields presented by the Mayor Mark Anderson who joined the Club for the Dinner. Sue Wieting was presented with a shield to mark her high attendance in 2012. Christian gave the vote of thanks.

The following also received upgrades to their membership. Certificates and sashes were presented to Odette Hurst and Mo Neale who gained their Purple sashes, Maggie Dunne, Sue Wieting and Kathryn Allatt Blue sashes, Bob and Shelagh Price Orange sashes, Sylvia Elliott, Vivian Sloan and Gail Grieve received Yellow sashes and Christian Batey White sash. All sashes are recognised by the International Budo Association.

We close now until the 4th February 2013.  Spaces are available if anyone wishes to join us for Shaolin Tai chi and cost is £2 each week.  We meet at the County Hotel on Mondays from 10 to 11.30

JUNE 2012

Glennis carried the Torch in Skegness and here is her story.  My story began in 1944 when aged two I was given a peanut butter sandwich. This caused a lot of trouble to my ‘guts’ and from that time onwards I was in trouble. No one knew the cause and of course with rationing the only food differences was to take away my sweet and meat allowances and they gave me more fruit to eat.

Glennis handing over the torch

In 1968, the first time the NHS looked at me, I was told the problems were caused by ‘nerves and high IQ’. OK I am nervous and yes I am bright, but the cause….nah. I became worse after an accident in 1980 when a car ran into my moped and I went flying onto the road and could not feel the road for over 6 months; nothing broken just bruising.

Then began enforced sitting at home till I found a Day Centre once a week as all the time my husband was at work in London and so boredom was setting in. I used to be an Accountant and Lawyer and taught the subjects, you can imagine I was bored and wanted to get back to work.

At Woodlands Day Centre in Colchester I learn Woodwork and then some Tai chi. New and hooked! In 1990 we moved to Skegness and still immobile I found at long last someone to teach me. At first I was all over the place with balance and stiff joints. The diet of 50 years was only proved in 1994 to be Coeliac Disease and Dairy Foods and my immune system did not like it. Hence it had caused me to have Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis and Osteopenia a warning that I had Osteoporosis coming.

I knew I had to do more to help myself. My mother sat whenever she was in pain and I saw how she became so stiff she could do little for herself. In 1982 and 1995 I was told “I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life”. NO!

I enjoyed the Tai chi, gradually I began to feel better about myself, I could walk by now, OK slowly and yes it was still painful. My right leg is on a torsion caused by the RA, ankles are also affected by the RA as are the toes, elbows, wrists, fingers and neck. The rest is OA. I found by diligent practise that I could manage a little more if I looked back at 3 monthly intervals. It was slow. No quick fix. In 1998 I became a Travelling Tutor for the Woman’s Institute and travelled around teaching various groups. By now I was more agile. Even though still in pain when walking, writing and reading.

I started classes in Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Phytotherapy, Healing and Tai chi. No profit was made. I can vouch for all these helping anyone with arthritis. I gradually worked up the sashes in a club in Kent and Palm Springs, white, yellow, orange, red, green and blue. If I could not do a particular form [exercise] the club changed it to one I could do. Once back here having gained my Purple [various years and holidays] I joined the International Budo Association in Wakefield and so gained my Brown and Black sashes in 2011 and helped locally by the East Coast Martial Arts in Mablethorpe Lincs.

It is only in the last few weeks I have had to be taken out in my wheelchair and today have purchase a ‘Scooter’. 1982 and 1995 I was told I would be in a wheelchair for life and it has meant 30 more years of being active. No, I can’t cook for myself, yes I do need to be turned over in bed since 1988, and yes I do have pains when walking yet Tai chi has made me more positive. I do have massages each week, it does keep the pains down. Juniper oil, Ginger oil, Black Pepper oil are all great when added to carrier oil and massaged in.

I am now 70 and still active as far as I can be. I am not giving in to Arthritis at all. He can be a chair of a club - that many belong and no one wants to - but not run my life. I still have no painkillers I can take [because of allergies and the Immune system problems] and manage so far on Tai chi and Massages.

I was nominated to carry the Torch for the way I managed my arthritis and also my Inspirational story. I try and help others to manage their diseases by keeping active. I do thank my sponsors and teachers. Yes everyone in the class is a teacher in their own right and we can all learn from one another.

Members of the club showing off their new Sashes after passing their grading.

Many members have gained more awards since this picture was taken. 

In June Gail Grieve, Vivian Sloan, Bob and Shelagh Price gained their White sashes, Keith Meakin Yellow. Kathryn Allatt, Maggie Dunne and Sue Wieting Green sashes and Odette Hurst and Mo Neale their Blue sashes.

September 2012 Palms Tai chi Club is 10 years old and worthy of a celebration. We now have 28 members and an average attendance week by week of between 15 and 22.

Older News

5th September 2011

Thanks you to the Yorkshire Building Society for their gift of £150 that was used to purchase Tai chi equipment.

The Palms Tai chi Club is an Independent Club affiliated to the East Coast Martial Arts and International Budo Association.

For details of any classes Glennis runs at her home please see web site.

The picture was taken at the grading of the White Sashes and Glennis’ Brown Sash in November 2010.